Computrac Vapor Pro XL

Computrac Vapor Pro XL

Computrac Vapor Pro XL


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ZERO Chemical Reagents: The Vapor Pro® XL offers moisture specific analysis that correlates well with Karl Fischer without the hassle or expense of hazardous chemical reagents, costly glassware, or time-consuming maintenance.

Versatile: From plastics and petroleum products to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more, the Vapor Pro XL is ideal for nearly any application in which Karl Fischer titration is used.

Touchscreen: The new color LCD touchscreen and intuitive interface require minimal training or an existing knowledge base to operate. Everything is menu-driven so that you’ll get accurate, repeatable results regardless of who runs the test.

High-Temperature Testing: The upgraded heater increases the maximum testing temperature to 300°C and allows for improved control over testing temperatures across the range of the instrument.

Stepped Temperature Testing: The Vapor Pro XL offers stepped temperature testing capabilities that make method development easier than ever before.

Multiple Sample Vial Sizes: Compatible with most crimp top vials from 2R to 60R, the Vapor Pro XL allows users to test hygroscopic samples without removing them from their sample vials.

Flexible Ending Criteria: User-adjustable ending criteria help to optimize test results and performance for your unique application.

Data Storage: The Vapor Pro XL stores up to 250 test programs and retains the last 1000 test results and the last 100 test graphs, enabling users to view and select past test results for statistical analysis and test a variety of samples with ease.

Web Server: The optional web server allows users to monitor tests remotely and check-in with operators. It also lets users download results and calibration reports, view the audit log, and transfer programs between instruments.

Features and Benefits

Moisture-specific: RH-sensor technology measures moisture content and only moisture content.

Accurate: The upgraded heater allows for more control over a wider range of testing temperatures.

Sensitive: Detect as few as 10 micrograms (0.00001g) of water and determine moisture content as low as 10ppm.

Flexible: Test samples in different sized vials without exposing them to ambient air.

User Friendly: The new touchscreen and intuitive user interface help eliminate potential sources of operator error.

Moisture Range: 10 ppm (10 μg | 0.001%) to 100%
Moisture Resolution: 1 ppm (0.1 μg | 0.0001%)
Repeatability: <10% C.V. for samples >0.1% moisture
<15% C.V. for samples <0.1% moisture
Temperature Range: 25°C to 300°C
Sample Size: 0.01 g to 8 g
Results: % moisture, ppm moisture, µg water
Memory: Stores of up to 250 test programs, last 1000 test
results and last 100 test graphs
Statistical Analysis: Mean, SD, CV
Ending Criteria: User-adjustable: Prediction, Rate, Time, Time then Rate
Calibration: Manual calibration with NIST traceable capillary tubes
Operating Environment: 30-40°C at <50% RH;
0-31°C at <80% RH
Power Requirements: 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8A or
220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4A
Dimensions: 6.8″ H x 18.5″ W x 11″ D
(17.2 cm W x 47 cm H x 27.9 cm D)
Weight: 17.7 lbs. (8 kg)
Warranty: Two years, factory parts and labor (one year international)
Rear Panel Connections: USB A and B, ethernet, serial port, carrier gas input and output
Carrier Gas: Dry nitrogen or dry air (-40°C dew point or lower is suggested)
at 17-22 psi (user supplied)
Touchscreen: LCD 800 x 480 Color TFT
Certifications: UL, CE


ASTM & Regulatory Compliances

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (optional): Meet regulatory compliance standards for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
ASTM D7191-10: Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in Plastics by Relative Humidity Sensor
ASTM D7546-15: Standard Test Method for Determination of Moisture in New and In-Service Lubricating Oils and Additives by Relative Humidity Sensor

It also correlates well with popular methods, including: ASTM D6304-16, D6869-03, D1364-02, D4017-02, D4928-12, E1064-16, D5530-15 and D4672-12.


Computrac Vapor Pro XL Brochure

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