Helipath Stand Assembly

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The Helipath Stand is designed for the measurement of non-flowing substances. A Brookfield Viscometer or Rheometer is mounted on the Helipath drive motor and a T-bar spindle is attached to the viscometer using a special coupling. The drive motor slowly lowers or raises the viscometer so that the T-bar spindle creates a helical path through the test sample thus eliminating the problem of channeling.

Features and Benefits

For viscosity/consistency measurement of gels, pastes, creams, putty, gelatin and other non-flowing substances. 

Compatible with standard AMETEK Brookfield Viscometers and DV3T Rheometers

Simple to set up and clean

Provides a solution for hard-to-measure materials

Helipath Viscosity Ranges cP (mPa·s)




LV Viscosity Range

156 - 3.12M

156 - 9.36M

156 - 9.36M

RV Viscosity Range

2K - 20M

2K - 100M

2K - 100M

HA Viscosity Range

4K - 40M

4K - 200M

4K - 200M

HB Viscosity Range

16K - 160M

16K - 800M

16K - 800M

Maximum range shown is at 0.1 rpm K = 1 thousand M = 1 million cP = Centipoise mPas = milliPascal·seconds

What's Included

Drive Motor

6 T-bar spindles with coupling


Lab Stand, Rod and Base


Helipath Brochure