RST Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer

RST Coaxial Cylinder Rheometer


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Rheological evaluation through controlled stress and controlled rate measurements offer superior viscosity profiling, thixotropic response, yield stress determination and creep analysis. The RST-CC Rheometer offers powerful flow characterization tools including ramp, loop, and single point testing. A wide range of shear rate, shear stress, and torque provide flexible flow analysis including creep and yield measurement. The RST-CC Rheometer is designed to accommodate the high throughput required of quality control laboratories providing cost effective, worry free operation for a variety of laboratory applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Controlled stress/rate operation to analyze comprehensive flow behavior
  • Spindle barcode for auto spindle recognition
  • Quick and easy automatic or manual gap setting
  • Rapid temperature control of plate with Peltier option for quick profiling of viscosity vs. temperature
  • User-friendly LCD touch screen with graphical display
  • 11 memory slots for structured multi-step test programs
  • Auto spindle identity recognition
  • Quick connect coupling for easy spindle attachment
  • Optional Rheo 3000 Software for PC control and data management
  • 21 CFR compliance for controlled user access and data security
  • Temperature control from -20°C to180°C with choice of direct immersion in bath or external circulation using the FTKY3 water jacket
What's Included

Instrument with stand and adjustable height control with base
Power supply
Screen protector with cleaning cloth

cP (Pa•s)
Coaxial Cylinder
.00005 5.41M 0.01-1.3K
K = 1 thousand     M = 1 million    1 Pa•s = 1000 cP (centipoise)

Maximum Torque: 100 mN·m
Torque Resolution: 0.15 µ N·m
Speed: 0.01-1,300 rpm
Data Output: USB, RS232
Display Units cP, Pa•s, dynes/cm2,Pa, °C, °F



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