Magnetic Coupling Small Sample Adapter with RTD & Cable

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 The Small Sample Adapter (SSA), consisting of a cylindrical sample chamber and spindle, provides a defined geometry system for accurate viscosity measurements of small sample volumes in the order of 2 to 16 mL at precise shear rates. The Small Sample Adapter's rheologically correct cylindrical geometry provides extremely accurate viscosity measurements and shear rate determinations. 

The design of the SSA allows the sample chamber to be easily changed and cleaned without disturbing the set-up of the viscometer or temperature bath. This means that successive measurements can be made under identical conditions. 

The sample chamber fits into a flow jacket so that precise temperature control can be achieved when a Brookfield circulating temperature bath is used. Direct readout of sample temperature is provided using sample chambers with embedded RTD temperature sensors (RPY) which includes cable connected to the DV1 (w/temperature option), DV2T, or the DVNext. The working temperature range for the SSA is from 1°C to 100°C. Available in Compliant mode for Compliant DVNEXT Rheometer and instruments with Magnetic coupling (M)


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