RSO Oscillatory Rheometer

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The RSO Stand-alone mode with easy-to-use interface makes it simple for QC Users, it can also help in Viscoelastic measurements by providing R&D users with advanced testing capabilities.

RSO Flexibility allows cone/plate and concentric cylinder in a single instrument.


  • Controlled shear stress/shear rate operation makes it easy to study static yield to flow curve and visco- elastic behaviour.
  • User-friendly Touch Screen and graphical display for stand-alone operation.
  • Quick Connect Coupling System for easy spindle attachment.
  • Instrument flexibility allows for cone/plate and concentric cylinder in one.
  • Very Small Sample Size permits rapid test set up and clean up.
  • Spindle Barcode for auto spindle recognition.
  • Standalone simplicity for QC users.
  • Automatic Gap Setting for quick and easy gap setting.
  • Rapid Temperature Control of plate with Peltier option for quick profiling of viscosity vs. temperature.
  • Optional Rheo3000 Software allows for PC control and data acquisition/analysis of multiple test files.