RSX SST Rheometer

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The RSX Soft Solids Tester Rheometer from AMETEK Brookfield is a high-end, touch screen rheometer that operates in both controlled shear rate (rpm) and controlled shear stress (torque) modes to characterize creep behavior, yield stress, and viscosity profiles for pastes, slurries, and materials with particulates.

Optional Rheo3000 Software allows for PC control and data acquisition/analysis of multiple test files.


  • Controlled shear stress/shear rate operation to analyze comprehensive flow behavior
  • Large user-friendly touch screen
  • Quick connect coupling system for easy spindle attachment
  • Spindle barcode for auto spindle recognition
  • Very small sample size for rapid test setup and cleanup
  • Rugged design for use on production floor
  • Vane Spindle Geometry
  • Increased torque motor for testing tough samples
  • Motorized stand for easy height selection
  • Auto immersion automatically inserts the vane spindle into the sample at the correct height