CAP 2000+ Viscometer


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The CAP2000+ Viscometer offers lower shear rates, making it suitable for many applications where small sample volume and temperature control are necessary. xperience expanded temperature and viscosity ranges with variable speed capability. The rugged, easy-to-use design make it perfect in environments where other instruments won't last. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Keypad for direct input of test parameters 
  • Cone Spindle is easily removed for cleaning 
  • Easy-to-Use Control Handle for accurate, automatic cone positioning 
  • Designed to handle repetitive testing in production environments with easy setup and cleaning 
  • 4-Line Display allows simultaneous viewing of all test parameters 
  • Automatic cone/gap positioning 
  • Small sample size, less than 1 mL 
  • Built-in Peltier Plate for temperature control of the sample 



                      Adhesives (hot melt)                             Coatings                                       Resins
                      Architectural Coatings                             Industrial Coatings                                       Starches
                      Autocoats (Hi-performance)                             Inks (screen printing)                                       Surface
                      Creams                             Organisols                                       UV Coatings
                      Food Products                             Paints                                       Varnish
                      Gels                             Paper Coatings  
                      Gums                             Plastisols  

                     Adhesives                             Gels                                      Sealants
                     Asphalt             Inks (ballpoint, offset, lithographic)                                      Sheet Molding
                     Chocolate                            Molasses                                      Tars
                     Composite Polymers                            Pastes                                      Vinyl Esters
                     Epoxies                            Roofing Compounds  

What's Included

  • Instrument
  • Choice of Torque Range:
  • High Torque (ICI Specification): 181,000 dyne-cm
  • Low Torque: 7,970 dyne-cm
  • Choice of Temperature Control: L or H


Note: Requires at least 1 CAP spindle to operate. Click to Buy 


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